Installing the Solar2D Framework

The Corona SDK framework is a commercial tool, but they have a completely FREE version available. You can even use it to publish a finished game to the App Store for free or paid. So you can do the entire development process without paying a dime, and even make money with it without paying a dime, which makes it an awesome choice for learning.

Look for the download link for Corona SDK at the Corona Labs site:

After you download the file you'll have to install it. If installing software is something you can do in your sleep, just go for it -- there's nothing special about the Corona SDK installation process.

If you need more guidance, see the following pages for step-by-step instructions:

To Install the Windows version of Corona SDK:

To Install the Mac version of Corona SDK:

That should get you ready for the next step, installing the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) called Outlaw.

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